Facebook harms people more than McDonald's and Coca-Cola

By: Eugene Sherban | 05.02.2018, 12:24
Facebook harms people more than McDonald's and Coca-Cola

The research company Honest Data asked 2000 Americans what companies   their   opinion most harm society. Judging by the answers, Facebook sucked out literally everyone.

Which companies hate most

According to the report, Facebook took 2   place in   list of the most hated companies in America. Behind   social network voted 27% of respondents. Ahead is only Marlboro, which 43% of Americans hate. At the same time Facebook was the only IT company in   list. Near   Walmart, McDonald's, Coca-Cola and   mentioned above Marlboro. 36% of respondents believe that companies from   list   not   harm.

Also, respondents were asked to answer which of the   technological companies most harm society. Logically, Facebook took first place with   32% of the vote. Following   Twitter (27%), Google (7%), Netflix (6%) and   LinkedIn (4%). The option " none of   they do not   harms " in   53% of respondents chose this case.


Why hate Facebook

There's a whole bunch of reasons. First , people thought about   influence of Facebook on   own life. A   it affects   so-so   - takes a lot of time and   destroys social ties, creating illusory communication. About   this is said and   numerous studies, according to which people who spend a lot of time in   social networks, are more susceptible to depression, anxiety and   suicidal moods.

Secondly , Facebook exhausted all targeted advertising, which with   Using Big Data tries to look into   the very soul. Third , scandals with fake news . According to research, almost a third of the news in   social networks that were associated with   presidential elections in   USA, were fakes. According to Facebook, the picture of the world in   Last fall it looked like this: Hilary Clinton sells weapons to IGIL, and   Donald Trump again did something good, so he is loved even more.

Looking at   all this is Mark Zuckerberg and   I decided to fix Facebook .

Source: LinkedIn