A new version of Telegram 4.8 has been released

By: miroslav-trinko | 07.02.2018, 12:04
A new version of Telegram 4.8 has been released

A new version of the popular telegram Telegram 4.8 was released, which was added several interesting features.


Previously, to watch the video, you had to download it first, but now with the update 4.8 you can all watch online. In the settings appeared mode "Auto-Night Mode", thanks to which, a dark theme can turn on automatically in the evening or in poor lighting.


But the most interesting innovation was the function "Logged in with Telegram". Now, with the help of Telegram, you can register on different resources. In fact, it's the same as going to the site through a Google or Facebook account. Before entering, the resource can request "Name", "Username" and "Profile Picture".

When to expect

The update is already available, but so far only for Android device users. A new version of the messenger for iOS will be released later.

Source: Telegram