Nest co-founder left Google

The founder of the company Nest Matt Rogers (Matt Rogers) left his post

Nest co-founder left Google

After several months of rumors, Google announced the merger of Nest with Google's hardware division. The company was acquired in 2015, but it remained a separate entity, and later became a subsidiary company of Alphabet. But this news does not end there. After the merger, co-founder Nest Matt Rogers (Matt Rogers) announced his resignation.

What is known

Matt Rogers previously worked at Apple, where he helped develop the iPhone and iPod. In 2010, he left Apple and started his work in Nest. And just yesterday, Matt Rogers told the CNET publication that he was going to leave the post in Nest. He said that he wants to focus on the investment company Incite , with which he has cooperated since 2017.

In the dry residue

In his announcement, Matt Rogers did not talk about the reason for leaving, but perhaps Google's decision to merge Nest with the company's hardware division affected it.

Source: AndroidPolice