Nest merged with Google's hardware division

By: Bohdan Chub | 08.02.2018, 11:06
Nest merged with Google's hardware division

In 2014 Google bought the manufacturer of smart home devices Nest Labs. Until now, the company has operated separately from the hardware business of Google Hardware, but now the team decided to join forces.

Why is this necessary?

Actually, the companies have long been cooperating with each other. So in the smart cameras Nest Cam IQ there were systems of computer vision and face recognition from Google. Together, engineers will be easier to integrate the artificial intelligence technologies of the search giant with Nest products. Rumors about the merger went from last summer.

Why wait?

Probably, future Nest devices will get a built-in Google Assistant, which allows you to control the cameras and thermostats of the manufacturer (so far only from your smartphone or Google Home column). Refuse to support the voice assistant Alexa company is also not in a hurry, but given the strained relationship between Google and Amazon, the decision can change at any time.

Evaluate the results of the joint team will not succeed immediately, as both companies have already approved product lines for 2018. By the way, since the announcement of its first thermostat in 2011, Nest has sold more than 11 million gadgets. Google's hardware division accounted for tens of millions of smart home devices (read - without Pixel).

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