Advertising teaser Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S: "wrong" front camera and even fewer frames

Judging by   promo-image , Xiaomi Mi   Mix 2S has a rather unusual design and   good characteristics. We are waiting for the announcement on   MWC 2018!

Advertising teaser Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S: "wrong" front camera and even fewer frames

AT   before the exhibition MWC 2018, on   which is expected to be presented by Xiaomi Mi   Mix 2S , in   social network Weibo appeared advertising teaser novelties of the Chinese brand. The authors claim that this is an official promo-image , which was obtained from   sources within the company.

What we see

On   banner shows a smartphone with   5, a 99-inch screen and   even more subtle frameworks. To achieve maximum " framelessness " was possible due to the transfer of the front camera in   top right corner. Now it takes up so little space that its   practically not   noticeably. Such an unusual design was called Full Screen 3.0.


On   Back view we see the double main camera by   12   Mp   from   Sensors Sony IMX363, optical zoom and   system of image stabilization.

A   here is the traditional fingerprint scanner is nowhere to be found   - no   under the camera, nor   on   The front side (although to which   scanner!). Perhaps the sensor still placed under the screen, or   same Xiaomi and   will give up   him in   use of technology of recognition of the owner by   his face.


Xiaomi Mi   Mix 2S will work on   Single-chip system Snapdragon 845 and   have 8 GB   operational and   256 GB   flash memory .

Source: Weibo