The Google search engine has its own "stories"

By: Elena Shcherban | 14.02.2018, 20:13
The Google search engine has its own "stories"

Google does not   passed by the popular " chips " Instagram, Snapchat and other social networks and   presented his own " stories " in   search engine. Now the Stories format uses Google AMP technology and   works for   mobile devices.


What it is

Stories AMP represent from   short presentations with   various images, videos, captions and   graphs. In this case, it is possible to use and   edit ready templates. Publishers can publish such " stories " for " creating a visually rich narration " , which will be much more interesting than " boring " text.


Who can use

AT   Stories testing was attended by such notorious publishers as Vox Media, The Washington Post, CNN, Conde Nast, Mashable. Now the function works in   preliminary version, and   to connect to   service must apply.

In order to find ready-made " stories "   - have to work hard. They are displayed on the   special page with   mobile device, but   Only after entering the name of a particular publisher. Many are many, but   Soon, Google promises to simplify this procedure, and   Also add AMP Stories to the   search results and   other services for mobile devices.


also in   plans for accommodation in   such advertising publications, but   when this all happens   - not   is specified. As well as   it is not known what will be   whether Google's " stories " are self-contained, as in   Instagram and   Snapchat.

Source: Google