Facebook by summer will release two models of "smart speakers"

By: Elena Shcherban | 15.02.2018, 23:00
Facebook by summer will release two models of "smart speakers"

Laboratory Building 8, which belongs to Facebook, apparently decided to compete with   Amazon, Google, Microsoft and   Apple, having released in   In the middle of this year, at once two models of " smart " columns. They go under the code names Aloha and   Fiona, but   the first should go to   market as Portal.

What is Portal?

ABOUT   the Portal column has already been reported . This will be a 15-inch touchscreen display with   speakers and   camera, synchronized with   Facebook. The AI-helper will allow voice commands to put the likes in   social network, and   also conduct video chats with   friends and   relatives.

The column is also credited with a face recognition system: the owner will be able to look at the   camera, and   when the system recognizes it   - go in   your account in   Facebook and   communicate with   friends. In addition, it is rumored that   Portal you can watch movies and   listen to music through the cooperation of Facebook with   Sony / ATV and   Universal Music (an agreement already in   pocket), and   Spotify and   Netflix (so far only negotiations are under way).

Initially it was planned to show the " smart " column on the   conference F8 in   early May, but   now the announcement had to be postponed in July: it is necessary to improve the acoustics of devices and   modify the software.


The second model will become more accessible, but   and   not   such " pumped " , as Portal. It will also have a 15-inch touchscreen, but   already without the support of the face recognition system. TO   word, displays for both devices will LG, and   The assembly will be handled by the Taiwanese Pegatron,   Apple.

The budget version of its column Facebook will show in the summer.

Who are the competitors

Now on   market are " smart " speakers from   Amazon, Google, Microsoft and   Apple, so the competition is quite serious. But   researchers from   Canalys predict that in   2018 in   the world will be sold 50   millions of columns   - in   two times more than in   2017 year.

However, the price of Facebook devices can be a negative factor for buyers. By   rumors, Portal will cost $ 499, and   This is twice the price of the Amazon Echo.

Source: DigiTimes