Google Photos accidentally stirred up old photos (until 1978)

By: Bohdan Chub | 16.02.2018, 19:41
Google Photos accidentally stirred up old photos (until 1978)

An error in the Google Photos service has nullified the attempts of users to organize collections of old photos. For some film-era shots, the shooting time was reset to the date the file was created when digitizing. After such a "journey through time" they began to appear in the most diverse places of the personal library.

What happened?

A topic with a description of the problem on the Google forums appeared a week ago. Some of the unsubscribers kept family photos in the cloud, others - the archives of the Second World War. As the representatives of the company later confirmed, because of the bug, the service was intermixed with pictures taken no later than 1978. The team is already working on the fix and asks not to try to edit the dates on its own.

According to the victims, if the shooting time was specified before the synchronization, when you download the data to the computer again, these data remain in the file. If the photos are sorted directly into Google Photos, users can only go to Zhdun mode and hope for a successful outcome.

Sources: Google Groups , CNET