Atari will issue its own crypto currency

By: Anton Melnik | 18.02.2018, 04:32
Atari will issue its own crypto currency

Legend of the gaming industry, the company Atari, is going to release its own crypto currency called Atari Token.

Where does finance come from?

As you know, the last 30 years for the once-biggest developer of video games are not very successful. Nevertheless, Atari continues to flash in news reports, then announcing retro consoles, then releasing wonderful caps with built-in speakers. This time the company launches its own crypto-currency project, on the basis of which it is planned to create a gaming entertainment platform. It is noteworthy that by acquiring a 15 percent stake in Infinity Networks, needed to launch the coin, Atari closed the deal "without spending money." What had to sacrifice the American developer - can only guess.

On the wave of "haypah"

As soon as the officials informed about the closing of the deal, Atari shares almost doubled in price - an excellent start for the way out of the protracted crisis. In addition, the publisher's CEO, Frederic Schene, said that the company is seeking to take strategically advantageous positions in order to increase capitalization at the expense of assets and a well-known brand.

What will happen next

Igroprom is not the only niche that Atari currently is interested in. The publisher also plans to integrate the crypto currency into the joint project with Pairplay, releasing the second "coin" Pong Token for crypto online casino. Token is supposed to be used not only on its own platform, but also on other sites. However, there is no more detailed information on this matter.

Source: Forbes , Hi-News