30 languages ​​and "routine": what is Google waiting for the Assistant in 2018

By: Bohdan Chub | 23.02.2018, 21:55
30 languages ​​and "routine": what is Google waiting for the Assistant in 2018

Google seriously engaged in voice Assistant. As reported in the official blog of the company, this year the virtual assistant will learn to speak in more than 30 languages ​​and will cover 95% of Android-smartphones on which he basically can work.

What do they promise?

Now Google Assistant understands only 8 languages, but in the coming months the developers promise to add support for Danish, Dutch, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai and Hindi. The Russian language does not appear on this list, although the exact same release window was named in the local Google office.

This year, the search giant will begin introducing multilingual recognition, but the first time the function will be available only for English, French and German.

The new program Assistant Mobile OEM will allow you to implement the deep integration of the Assistant with gadgets of other manufacturers. This is already subscribed Sony, Xiaomi and LG (which will bring to MWC 2018 smartphone V30s with artificial intelligence). Google also cooperates with operators, whose subscribers will soon be able to manage the account using voice commands.

What else?

Next week, US users will be able to use the Routines function to perform common tasks. So, on the command "Ok, Google, I'm at home" the assistant will set the optimal temperature on the thermostat, and the phrase "Okay, Google, good night" can turn off the light in the house (if the bulbs turn out to be "smart enough").

Another innovation is reminders based on location. Just ask the Google Home column to remind you to replenish the milk supply, and when the user walks past the store, the smartphone wakes up and tells you what to buy.

Virtual Polyglots

Now Google Assistant has a relative parity with Cortana, which also recognizes 8 languages, and by the end of the year he will press the "most speaking" assistant Siri (24 languages). As for the other competitors, Alexa knows three languages, and Bixby (Voice) - only Korean and English.

Source: Google