MWC 2018: Transformer case makes iPhone and Galaxy modular

By: Bohdan Chub | 26.02.2018, 18:15
MWC 2018: Transformer case makes iPhone and Galaxy modular

On MWC 2018, we did not see a single modular smartphone, but the startup team Vibes Modular brought to the exhibition an unusual cover for the iPhone and Galaxy flagships with the ability to connect accessories.

What is it?

Vibes Modular is promoting its Roxon system, which consists of a massive Baserox bumper and (for now) two modules. They are fixed on the back side. The portable Vibrox column is equipped with its own battery, providing up to 12 hours of listening to music. Built-in microphone allows you to answer calls, and the body with a top panel of carbon fiber is protected from water according to the standard IPx7. Since acoustics are wireless, Vibrox will work without a case.

The second accessory is a Voltrox battery. It has a short cable with the necessary connector (Lightning, Micro USB or Type-C), so that it just reaches the power connector. When the charge drops to a dangerous level, the user connects the Voltrox himself to the device. The battery module will charge the smartphone "up to three times", and the Micro USB port can also be used to power up the second gadget (apparently through OTG).

The developers promise compatibility with 30 smartphones, but so far we are talking about the iPhone 6, Galaxy S7 Edge and newer models of Apple and Samsung.

Question price

The bumper from Vibes Modular will cost $ 40, the column costs $ 100, and a large battery is estimated at $ 200. The cover-transformer is unlikely to interest those who are not obsessed with protecting smartphones, do not consider themselves among the music lovers and do not discharge the battery of the smartphone by one o'clock in the afternoon. The design is very much for an amateur, but the direction of thought itself is interesting.

Today, modular smartphones are released only by Motorola (not including Essential with one single camera module). If the soul does not lie with Moto Z's flagships, why not do something similar in the form of a cover that will be compatible with the devices of all popular brands? It remains to wait, when someone comes up with a more elegant solution, than in the version of Vibes Modular.

Source: Engadget