study: 59% of last year's crypto currency failed

By: Eugene Sherban | 27.02.2018, 12:27 study: 59% of last year's crypto currency failed

Portal conducted a study of the viability of Crypto-currency for   2017 year.

What counted

With 46% of all last year's ICO already all   - projects are closed, tokens are sold nothing   stand, the creators most likely bought on   island in   Polynesia. At the same time, those who left for   projects, not even   looking at   their   frank treshovost, managed to collect more than $ 100   million According to the Tokendata portal, which tracks data on   ICO, for   last year on   The market has issued 902 new crypto-currencies. 142 have failed   start, 276 not   They took off after they collected the investment. Tokens of these projects now stand in   area $ 0.


FROM   On the one hand, this means that in fact every second block-project is doomed to   failure. FROM   On the other hand, statistics do not   such terrible, such as usual startups fail with   that   same frequency.

What perspectives

Problem in   Among the remaining half of last year's projects, many are in   an incomprehensible state and may fail this year. Either the organizers do not   go to   communication, or   too few subscribers, or   enough investment, and   preparation for   a new round of drinking all the juices from   developers. Such projects on counted 113 pieces. AT   In this case, the statistics of problem block projects will grow from   46% to   59%. Looking at   all this, analysts conclude that in   This year the picture is not   will change. Blokchan today terribly popular, free cheese is always popular, and   this means in   industry will be so   A lot of suspicious are silly, and   at   Last year.