Samsung no longer wants to release smartphones first

By: Elena Shcherban | 27.02.2018, 19:40
Samsung no longer wants to release smartphones first

After the presentation of the flagship Galaxy S9 on   exhibition MWC 2018 in   Barcelona head of the mobile unit Samsung Dongjin Koh (better known as Dee   Jay Koch) spoke about   new strategy of the company: now the manufacturer does not   will pursue   primacy, and   will focus on   quality and   innovations.

No more   the first

Earlier in   Samsung tried to be the first and   To present their devices before competitors, while forgetting about   volume, will   whether it is important for customers. Now the company, in   first of all, will think about   really important, with   her   point of view, for buyers of things and   innovations.

" In   for a long time we   created new smartphones faster than Chinese manufacturers. we   were obsessed with the idea of ​​being first in   industry, the first in   all over the world. we   not   especially thought about   The extent to which the next innovations will be tangible for real users,   - Dee admitted   Jay Koch. -   Today we are not   the task is to be the first. now we   focus on   to release in   time products that will be truly meaningful to our users and   highly valued by them. "

For example, the voice assistant Bixby 1.0 is not   expectations, because in   Samsung released it too soon. But   but its second version will be finalized and   complete.

What do they promise

Also Samsung will adhere to the new rules in   case of a smartphone with   bending display: its release was postponed to   next year to refine all the details.

But in   this year will release a column with   artificial intelligence, which will become " not   usual hub, and   one of   platforms that form the ecosystem of the Internet of things. "

Source: The Investor