The programmer created a system for recognizing the cat's muzzle

By: Anton Melnik | 01.03.2018, 19:47
The programmer created a system for recognizing the cat's muzzle

Engineer Arkaits Garro from Amsterdam made a small device that recognizes the cat's face and sends notification that the animal wants to enter the house. The system recognizes one particular cat.

Does the invention work

As the Dutchman told Business Insider, for several years neighbor Bobis came to him with his wife. Having communicated, the neighbors agreed that now the pet will be common and will be able to come to any house when he wants.


Garro noticed that the animal visited him at a certain time, so he invented a gadget that would report that the cat is near the house. The device is a mini-computer Raspberry Pi attached to the door with a camera that notices the movement, takes pictures of what is happening and sends the image to the recognition platform AWS Rekognition.

The program was loaded with hundreds of pictures of cats, and it determines whether the beast came to the balcony. After recognizing the fluffy, the device sends the owner messages to Slack.


Garro reports that the invention works in 100% of cases when the cat looks at the camera. The creation of the device took only a few hours and was spent 50 dollars.

Source: Business Insider