Essential patented smartphone with a retractable front camera

By: Elena Shcherban | 04.03.2018, 15:12
Essential patented smartphone with a retractable front camera

It seems that Vivo will not   first smartphone manufacturer with   retractable front camera. After   MWC 2018 showed the concept of the Vivo APEX device with   the fingerprint reader under the display and   frontalkoy, hidden inside the gadget, Essential has shown its patent for   smartphone with   such   same camera.

What is known

ABOUT   the head of the company Andy Rubin told   Twitter. As it turned out, a patent entitled " Apparatus and   way to maximize the display area of ​​a mobile device " was   2016 year.

Judging by   schemes in   patent, the front camera, if necessary, will be   right corner of the smartphone, and   by   completion of work   - " hiding " back. The sensors are located under the display, so there is practically no upper frame here, and   The screen occupies the maximum surface area.

Where will the speaker be located?   - it is not clear yet, but   the   Vivo APEX has been replaced with Screen SoundCasting technology, which provides vibration transmission directly through the device screen without the need to incorporate a traditional speaker.

Will receive   whether such a front camera is the second generation of Essential Phone and   translate   Does this idea in general   a life   - is still unknown. But   recognize that this is a " fresh " idea for   compared to   "Monobrovyu" , which began to add almost   each new model.

Source: AndroidPolice , Andy Rubin (Twitter) , Google Patents