Microsoft: S-mode will replace Windows 10 S next year

By: Bohdan Chub | 07.03.2018, 13:33
Microsoft: S-mode will replace Windows 10 S next year

We already wrote that Microsoft plans to abandon Windows 10 S as a separate operating system and add a special mode of S Mode to other editions. Now this information has been officially confirmed.

What did they tell?

Responding to comments on Twitter, the head of Windows development Joe Belfiore said that next year Windows 10 S will become a "mode" for existing versions of the OS. According to him, 10 S is offered as an option for educational institutions and business customers who need the most trouble-free system with sufficient performance.

Windows 10 S supports the installation of applications and games only from the official Microsoft store, which provides better protection against viruses and avoids compatibility issues in classic Win32 applications. This version of the OS is better suited for low-cost devices, at the same time, the user will not be able to download even a third-party browser - only Microsoft Edge is supported.

What will change?

In any case, manufacturers will not impose S-mode users. A secret conspiracy of Microsoft and partners, too, is not expected. Just a license for Windows 10 with the activated S Mode will cost less, which means that it can appear on inexpensive notebook models.

If someone does not like S Mode, in Windows 10 Home it can be turned off for free. As expected, only the transition from Windows 10 Pro with S Mode to the full professional version will be paid. The cost of this update will be about $ 50. We suspect that this will only be relevant for corporate laptops, and ordinary users do not have to worry about anything. Only the transition from Home to Pro will be paid, and you can leave S Mode in any version.

Why Microsoft decided to introduce new rules only in 2019 - is unknown. Perhaps the team still needs time to develop (Windows 10 S is based on Windows 10 Pro, and the S-mode should work in the home version of the system), or the corporation wants to observe the success of the 10 S in its current form.

Source: PCWorld