Wanle Gamers Console: Tetris Case for iPhone

By: Bohdan Chub | 07.03.2018, 14:46
Wanle Gamers Console: Tetris Case for iPhone

Not only Nokia and Nintendo can play on nostalgic feelings. Chinese craftsmen created a cover for the iPhone in the form of a classic pocket console Game Boy. And it really works, although not at all, as you might think at first glance.

And what does he know?

The cover is just like the Game Boy, but inside the users will find games from another device of the 90's - Brick Game, popularly called Tetris. The device works independently of the smartphone - the back of the battery is a CR2032 tablet battery. It's a pity that there was not a single variant of the snake in the list of ten games (there are tetris, tanks, races and so on).

Wanle Gamers Console is compatible with iPhone 6/6 Plus and newer models of Apple smartphones, not counting the compact iPhone SE. By the way, the version for the iPhone X had to be turned 180 degrees due to the vertical camera module.

How much is

We came to the most interesting. In the US and Canada, Wanle Gamers Console can be ordered to be ordered at a special price of $ 25 instead of the standard $ 80. But on AliExpress the twin brothers of this cover were found out for only $ 13.54 . Without beautiful packaging, but twice cheaper. In another lot, the seller has versions of $ 12.58 plus a blue version for the iPhone X.

Judging by the comments of customers, some samples come with scratches on the console screen. Our business is to warn.

Source: Wanle Cases