Do not forget: Nintendo sold 4 million consoles SNES Classic Mini

By: Bohdan Chub | 05.02.2018, 10:54
Do not forget: Nintendo sold 4 million consoles SNES Classic Mini

The mini-version of the classic SNES game console is expected to become a bestseller. Since its release in September and until the end of 2017, Nintendo has sold 4 million SNES Classic Mini and is not going to stop.

Retrogaming is in fashion

Reincarnation Super NES comes with 20 old games and a nice bonus in the form of a sequel to Star Fox 2, which was never released on the original console. The company significantly increased the volume of the system's release compared to the previous NES Classic Edition, which sold in a circulation of 2.3 million. However, it was not so easy to buy it. In stores, 80-dollar consoles were immediately disassembled, and in the offers on Ebay and other sites the mark-up is about $ 50.

Hardware mini-consoles Nintendo are almost identical. Hackers successfully hacked both systems, and with the help of a special program, users can download hundreds of games to memory.

It's not over yet

In 2018, Nintendo plans to continue production of the SNES Classic Mini, as well as to bring back NES Classic Edition. The Japanese company expects that nostalgic users will not be able to stop buying a retro console and will be interested in the new Nintendo Switch . For complete happiness, only the official emulator for running classics on the hybrid console is missing. However, soon enthusiasts can correct this defect.

Source: Neowin