Are looking forward to! Instagram tests the timeline

By: Bohdan Chub | 13.03.2018, 11:25
Are looking forward to! Instagram tests the timeline

Some Instagram users report the return of the chronological order of publications in the tape. Did the developers of the service finally realize that with the "smart" algorithm launched a couple of years ago something is not right? In this very much want to believe.

Did not live up to expectations

The tape on interests should help users not to miss anything important, but the reality turned out to be quite different. Without a clear hierarchy of publications, subscribers could not easily track the order of publications, even when it is important. But most of all problems are created precisely by social network algorithms. A few likes like pictures of a barely familiar person - and Instagram has already decided that now this is your best friend, and you need to know everything about him. In the meantime, the content of really close people is getting somewhere to the end.

The only winners are the pages of brands - they will not miss the publication of the social network robots exactly. And as if that was not enough, Instagram recently introduced recommendations with posts of people on which the user is not subscribed at all.

The return of the cozy Instagram


The chronological tape is still available to a small number of users, and it is not yet known whether Instagram plans to completely abandon the "smart" rankings of posts. Such a drastic policy change is unlikely to appeal to advertisers, but recently Facebook began to listen to its audience.

Source: GSMArena