Facebook delays release of BP helmet Oculus Go

By: Eugene Sherban | 19.03.2018, 11:23
Facebook delays release of BP helmet Oculus Go

By   information of the portal Variety, Facebook delays the release of wireless BP   helmet Oculus Go and will show it on May 1st.

Why are they detained and   when they show

Helmet, the main feature of which is freedom from   wires and   low price, presented last fall. A   promised to release in   beginning of 2018. But   Now the presentation date has shifted to   May is the month of the F8 conference. AT   as an excuse for   delay Facebook promises that this will be the coolest conference on   parts of the virtual and   augmented reality.

What is interesting about a helmet

Actually, the helmet is interesting low price and   self-sufficiency from   smartphone or computer. AT   It has all the necessary hardware including a processor (Snapdragon 821) and   memory (32 GB), and   production is engaged in Xiaomi. also in   Go   An advanced optics system (resolution 2560 × 1440) is installed, which is   According to developers, the number of glare decreases. So   in   headphones are built in   carry on   head extra pair. Helmet supports those   same applications as   Gear VR. Gamepad in   bundle exactly the same   same as   Gear VR. The   there is a   essence, this is a comprehensive solution for   replacement smartphone + helmet + gamepad for   adequate price in   $ 199.

Source: Variety