Philips is working on an analogue of Wi-Fi

By: Anton Melnik | 20.03.2018, 23:15
Philips is working on an analogue of Wi-Fi

Philips has announced the launch of testing its technology Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) in the offices. The first "experimental" - the French investment company Icade.

How it works

Broadband Internet access is provided by means of special LEDs that transmit information through light waves at a speed of 30 Mbit / s. Li-Fi works through LED lights, equipped with built-in modems.

At this point, users need to connect a USB key to their computers to access the network, but the technology will eventually be built into other devices. It is assumed that such a method is more reliable and secure than Wi-Fi. Due to the fact that the transmission of the network comes from diodes, the technology can be used even under water.

However, the present invention has drawbacks. Li-Fi works only within one room, which is not very convenient for large houses and offices.

Source: Engadget