Pavel Durov refused to give the FSB encryption keys Telegram. Now they want to block Messenger in Russia

By: Eugene Sherban | 21.03.2018, 10:27
Pavel Durov refused to give the FSB encryption keys Telegram. Now they want to block Messenger in Russia

Yesterday passed a hearing on   Telegram in   Russia. The Supreme Court of Russia dismissed the claim of the lawyers of the company Telegram, who tried to obtain the cancellation of the order of the FSB regarding the decipherment of communications.

What happened?

Recall that a few days ago Roskomnadzor sent a message to Telegram Messenger LLP about   need to pass the FSB keys to decrypt user correspondence. Telegram is required to provide decryption keys as the organizer of the dissemination of information in   the Internet. By   law, the messenger must do this in   within 15 days after Roskomnadzor's warning. After this, the agency can apply to   court with   statement of   Telegram lock   Russia.

What do both sides say?

Durov always said that Telegram was not   has nothing to do with   Russia and   not   is a Russian product. AND   on   another outburst of power he   answered expectantly   - Telegram for people, we   nothing is   break, leave me alone. AT   They rely on their   23 article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, in   which states that everyone has the right to   secret of correspondence, telephone conversations, postal, telegraphic and   other messages. A   restriction of this right is allowed only for   basis of judicial decision. AT   The FSB responds that no formal   do not need   correspondence from   Telegram, and   just encryption keys. Sense like that   same, but   specifically about   keys in   Nothing   it is written.

Is it possible to block Telegram in Russia?

As experts say, it is quite real. For this Roskomnadzor should make an instant messenger in its register of prohibited sites resource. After that, communication operators, who at least once a day turn to this register, must conduct an actual block on their networks, which will lead to the termination of the service in Russia. Roskomnadzor must also send a request to remove Telegram from the stores of Google Play and the App Store. This will be more difficult because Telegram does not conflict with the interests of Apple and Google.

Source: RIA , Twitter , RBK