Microsoft will speed up the installation of Windows 10 updates

By: Eugene Sherban | 22.03.2018, 14:07
Microsoft will speed up the installation of Windows 10 updates

Microsoft decided to lighten up the everyday life of Windows 10 users and   has reworked the OS update process. The next Spring Creator Update will be installed in the   2 - 3 times faster than it was before.

What   how improved

The process of installing updates will be split into   two stages. On   the first stage of the OS   will download and   pre install updates and   you can use the computer. A   After restarting, Windows 10 will start   offline update. AT   In this case, all   I'll have to suffer a blue screen with   process of updating. Externally, nothing new, but Microsoft presses on   what they need   managed to transfer most of the processes in the   online phase , so the blue screen is not   will be a nightmare.

How much it will accelerate

Microsoft developers were able to transfer the process of unpacking,   migration to   on-line mode . Thanks to this installation of the upcoming update of Spring Creators Update will take about 30   minutes in   offline . A year ago, all this took place in   offline   - in   online mode only uploaded data and   verification of their   integrity. For comparison, a year ago, the installation of Creators Update in   average of 82   minutes in   offline . Specifically, Microsoft has managed to make its updates not   so painful.

Spring Creators Update will be the next major update for Win 10. The official release date is not yet   insiders say   April 10th.

Source: Arstechnica