Huawei wants to release a smartphone on the blockroom

By: Eugene Sherban | 23.03.2018, 13:53
Huawei wants to release a smartphone on the blockroom

According to Bloomberg sources, Huawei is looking at   The market side is crypto-currency and   develops a smartphone that supports applications on   blockhouse.

What happened

Huawei is negotiating with   guys from   Sirin Labs, which will soon release the first in   world smartphone on   blockhouse. And, judging by   everything, the Chinese want to license them   software platform Sirin OS. Will be   Is it a one-off promotion for a specific model or all of Huawei's smartphones in   future will be able to work with   blocking   - not yet   it is known. AT   Bloomberg believe that Sirin OS   will cohabit on   smartphone with   traditional Android. If the partnership is formed, then   Huawei will be the first major smartphone manufacturer with   support of the blockade.

What is known about Sirin Labs

His unconventional approach to   the creation of smartphones. The company became famous for its VIP   - Diamond   - Luxury smartphone Solarin for   $ 16   000, which no one   bought. A   at   Last year they announced the very first   world smartphone on   Finney cuckoo   price tags in   $ 999 and   quite a vigorous filling. More about   You can read it by   link .

Source: Bloomberg