The U12 + will be HTC's only flagship this year

By: Elena Shcherban | 25.03.2018, 15:05
The U12 + will be HTC's only flagship this year

It seems that in   This year, smartphone manufacturers introduced the   minimalism. After   The reduction in the scope is reduced and   The number of devices themselves: companies put on   quality, and   not   a variety of models. Such a policy will now adhere to and   HTC, so in   This year will be presented only one flagship brand.

The only one

we   already wrote about   HTC U12 + , which will be the top-end smartphone manufacturer on   this year, but   expected also   Other models of the flagship line. But, apparently , neither   U12, nor   " Light " versions, nor   no other models   will be.

HTC can release U12 Life, but   it will be a budget model.

What to expect

By   rumors , the novelty will receive a 6-inch screen with   WQHD + resolution, Snapdragon 845 processor, dual front camera and   the main chamber with   two modules on   16 and   12   Mp, under which the fingerprint reader is located. Also, the flagship is attributed 6 GB   RAM, 64/128 GB   ROM, a microSD card slot, a battery for   3420   mAh, OS   Android Oreo and   The second version of Edge Sense Edge Edge Compression technology.

The announcement is expected in   May.

Recall, recently in   LG   said that they will be releasing new smartphones only when there is something interesting, and   not   when the market requires it. A   at   Sony admitted that they are ready to suffer losses, so that   to overlook the future of smartphones.

Source: ITHome