Apple will radically change the design of the iPhone by 2020

By: Eugene Sherban | 27.03.2018, 12:34
Apple will radically change the design of the iPhone by 2020

The next flagship of Apple, which will be released in   this year, on   99% will continue the idea of ​​the iPhone X.   Here is the next line of iPhones in   the design plan will be something completely different. About   This is reported by The Verge with   reference to   CNBC, which in   turn refers to   analyst Bank of   America.

Apple still release a folding smartphone?

By   according to analyst Bank of   America Wemsey Mohan, with   a large fraction of the likelihood of waiting for us a folding iPhone. AND   This insider confirms the previous rumors about   interest of the company to   screens that can be bent, twisted and   turn into   tube.

" We   We expect that the iPhone released this fall will be   substantially similar to   OLED-version (note: it's about   iPhone X), although in   past the size of the smartphone has acted as a catalyst for change,   - says Uemsi. -   Our sources say that Apple is working with   suppliers over a folding smartphone that can replace the tablet and   will be released in   2020 " .

New trend

It seems that bendable smartphones will be the next big thing in   world of smartphones. AND   although now everything depends on   technology of production of screens (try to rotate it for a year as a newspaper), manufacturers are already actively probing the soil. On   market there is already ZTE Axon with   double screen, Samsung on   closed presentation at CES showed two prototypes of folding tubes, and   Other manufacturers like LG patent their bent screens.

Source: The Verge