The release of the "smart" Facebook column is postponed due to scandal with user data

By: Bohdan Chub | 28.03.2018, 15:42
The release of the "smart" Facebook column is postponed due to scandal with user data

Only the lazy one today does not release columns with "smart" assistants, but for Facebook this is not the best time to launch a new product. After the story of the "leakage" of personal data of 50 million users and the subsequent action # a remote phone, no one buys a device that can listen and write down every word of your day and night. Now it is better to try to resolve the situation and wait until the passions are settled.

And what is the column?

We already wrote that Facebook is preparing not one but two devices with the code names Portal and Fiona. They are equipped with a large 15-inch display, since one of the main functions of gadgets is video chats. Virtual Assistant and voice control, too, is, and the older model supports face recognition and allows you to log into your account without a password.

In previous leaks, it was said that smart speakers should present in the summer, but Bloomberg sources refer to other terms. The novelties wanted to be shown at the F8 developer conference in May, although sales would begin only in the fall. What is waiting for the project now is unknown.

With whom to fight?

In the market of "smart" columns Amazon is in the lead, which actually created this class of devices. Google does not give up and connects partners to promote its Assistant, and Apple, thanks to the launch of HomePod, has made a sharp increase in the audience of the music service Apple Music.

This year Samsung will release its "smart" acoustics. Naturally, with the firm assistant Bixby.

Source: Bloomberg