Meizu patents an unusual display fingerprint scanner

By: bogdan-chub | 30.03.2018, 19:17
Meizu patents an unusual display fingerprint scanner

Meizu is in no hurry to copy Apple's approach with a bunch of sensors for face recognition. Companies are more inclined to unlock the smartphone by touching the screen - this hints at the patent obtained in China.

What did they tell?

The sensors (16) are located on the top, bottom and sides of the screen

Instead of a sensor under the screen and a special touch layer , Meizu engineers suggest using ultrasonic radiators and receivers integrated into the frame at the edges. It is assumed that the perimeter sensors will be able to read the user's imprint on the reflected signals. How it works is unknown (or our knowledge of deciphering the translation of Google Translate from Chinese is not enough to understand the essence).


Theoretically, the Meizu system will allow you to unlock the gadget by touching anywhere on the display, but what about the trend on frameless design? The sensors should be as compact as possible so that this does not affect the dimensions of the enclosure.

Ultrasound technology also promotes Qualcomm, but in its version the fingerprint scanner is located under the finger.

No Warranties

The very existence of a patent does not mean that in the secret Meizu laboratories prototypes with a new fingerprint scanner are already being tested. But the idea is at least interesting. In another application, the company describes a smartphone with a front camera hidden under the screen.

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