Meizu also hides the front camera under the smartphone display

The company filed a patent in   which describes the device with   front camera and   all sensors under the screen.

Meizu also hides the front camera under the smartphone display

Meizu in   search for a solution to increase the screen area of ​​smartphones, apparently decided to " get rid " of   front camera and   sensors in   top of the display. Of course, the frontal will remain, just her   hide under the screen. About   This is evidenced by the filed Meizu patent documentation.

How it will work

Judging by   schemes, and   front camera, and   sensors will be located under the screen. In this case, the display will be   based on graphene, which itself   transparent and   can pass light on   camera and   sensitive sensors. Perhaps such a camera will also be able to recognize the faces of users, and   this is an additional space saving for a fingerprint scanner.

AT   The result is " extra " millimeters of the screen and   even more frameless design. True, it implements   Does Meizu this idea?   - is still unknown.

A   that u   other

Recently it became known about   similar patent application from   Samsung . But   Here for the built-in fingerprint sensor and   cameras came up with small holes.

AT   In turn, Essential patented a retractable front camera to save space, like   the   company Vivo. Last, we recall, brought to   exhibition MWC 2018 in   Barcelona smartphone concept , where the screen occupies 98% of the front panel area, but   To do this, we had to hide all the sensors, sensors and   the fingerprint reader under the display.

A   at   Xiaomi Mi   Mix 2S front camera transferred to   top right corner.

Source: AndroidHeadlines