Lenovo closes the mobile unit in Russia and the CIS (but does not leave the market)

By: Bohdan Chub | 04.04.2018, 14:44
Lenovo closes the mobile unit in Russia and the CIS (but does not leave the market)

Lenovo will disband the unit, which was engaged in marketing and sales of smartphones in Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS countries. Moto devices themselves will not disappear anywhere - only the organization of mobile business in the region changes.

Head of the division Alexey Klochkov confirmed his departure from the company. According to him, the promotion of devices in Eastern Europe will be coordinated by the West European representation of Leonovo. And Russia and the CIS are now part of the division responsible for emerging markets. In the Ukrainian office added that it is incorrect to call what is happening a "closing of the unit", this is an internal restructuring:

Нашим главным офисом была пересмотрена сегментация рынка во всем мире. Это делается для улучшения управления, повышения конкурентоспособности и рентабельности мобильного бизнеса. Внутри у нас изменился алгоритм предоставления отчетности и согласований, но в целом на работу украинского офиса это никак не повлияет.
Lenovo Украина

Recall that recently changed the head of Motorola.

Why did this happen?

Personnel permutations are associated with a reduction in demand for smartphones of the company. Last summer, Lenovo completely switched to the Motorola brand, but it turned out that Russian buyers had almost forgotten the legendary brand. If in February 2017, the Chinese giant held 5.7% of the market and the fourth place after Samsung, Apple and Huawei, then by February 2018 sales in pieces fell below 2%. Now Lenovo is not included even in the top five in Russia.

Representatives of retail chains note that in the segment of 30 to 40 thousand rubles Motorola gadgets look weaker than other Chinese innovations in 2018. In the smartphone market, there are not many companies that can afford to demand "brand fee" and still rely on high sales.

What's next?

The representative of Leonovo Marat Rakaev stressed that the company is not going to close the business of smartphones in Russia, and "relatively soon" will announce the novelties of Moto. The same is said in Lenovo Ukraine: "Motorola continues to actively work on new products and this month will introduce the first smartphone from the lineup of 2018, which will soon be available in the Ukrainian market."

If anyone does not know, this month the premiere of the Moto G6 series is expected.

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