Week results: a gadget that allows you to communicate without words, hackers hacked YouTube and enthusiasts made the MacBook touch screen

By: Pavel Chuikin | 13.04.2018, 17:05
Week results: a gadget that allows you to communicate without words, hackers hacked YouTube and enthusiasts made the MacBook touch screen

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a device that can "hear" and perceive a person's thoughts . The novelty AlterEgo is called and unlike other neuroscholes, it does not need to be connected directly to the brain. AlterEgo catches the impulses that brain neurons transmit to the facial muscles, tongue and larynx, which are responsible for speech. If the word is formed in the form of a thought, then AlterEgo intercepts it before it is pronounced. Therefore, the gadget itself is more like not a helmet, and not a clamp for the jaw - in this area there are 7 electrodes that read the signals of the facial muscles. Also included are headphones for feedback to the gadget.


Weibo social network has a poster with an unannounced smartphone Honor 10 . The image gives an idea of ​​the back of the device. It shows the iridescent color of the case and a double chamber, located horizontally. There is no fingerprint scanner behind. Most likely, it will be placed on the front panel. The front of the smartphone will be similar to the recently announced flagship Huawei P20 / P20 Pro. Information about the characteristics of Honor 10 is not so much. It is known that he will have a screen with thin frames and a cutout for the camera. In addition, the smartphone will be equipped with a chip Kirin 970, 6 GB of operating and 64/128/256 GB of internal memory. The novelty will be running Android 8.1 Oreo, on top of which the EMUI 8.1 shell is installed.


The Project Sistine project team showed how you can implement touch input on your MacBook using a webcam, software, and simple device . The authors noticed that when looking at the screen at a large angle, everything around it is reflected in it. To register the touch, it's enough to track the distance between the finger and its reflection. If the gap disappears, then there is a contact! Then you need to turn the "look" of the built-in camera with the help of a mirror. For him, developers have built a fastener from the door hinge so that the "periscope" can be thrown back to close the laptop. It cost them less than one dollar. After calibration, the ShinyTouch software creates a mapping map between the picture in the camera lens and the boundaries of the laptop screen. In theory, this system should work not only with the MacBook. But it is not yet known whether the team plans to bring the project to mind. While this is only a demonstration of the idea (although all the code is laid out on GitHub).


YouTube video hosting has been hacked . Suffered only the popular music videos of the Vevo channel. The main goal of the hackers was the clip of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee "Despacito". He was replaced by a video with a picture of armed men in suits and masks from the Spanish series "The Paper House" (La casa de papel). On the screen the inscription "Free Palestine" was displayed. And no wonder: just 5 days ago, he became the most viewed YouTube video, the first time breaking the mark of 5 billion views. The video was recently restored. In addition, hackers changed the names and information of other artists' clips, such as Shakira, Chris Brown, Taylor Swift, Drake, Kathy Perry, DJ Snake, Selena Gomez, and others. The hacker group Prosox and Kuroi'sh took responsibility for the attack. One of the alleged hackers wrote on Twitter that they started everything for fun. YouTube has not commented on hacking.

Prosox and Kuroi'sh.jpg

In the WIPO database , a new application for a patent from LG on a smartphone with two screens . Called this "mobile terminal" and resembles the recent ZTE Axon M with two screens. Judging by the images, the device has a dual screen with a common bend line, actually a dual battery and two headphone outputs. In the unfolded state, the double screen turns into a sort of tablet like the Axon M, and in the folded state, the system information is displayed on the curved part of the screen - date, time, level of charge, etc. Fans of the old school will be pleased with the mechanical QWERTY keyboard, which hides under one of the screens. And the screens themselves can work in separate from each other - one, for example, displays the system information, and the second turns the videos from YouTube. This is why 2 separate headphone outputs are needed.


In the web there was a photo of OnePlus 6, on which you can better see the front of the device . It shows a large screen with minimal frames and a cutout for the front camera, sensors and a microphone. The AIDA64 application is launched on the smartphone display and you can see that the device has a 10-nm Snapdragon 845 chip. According to previous leaks, the device will have a 6.28-inch screen with FHD + resolution and a 19: 9 aspect ratio (due to the cutout). The device will be equipped with 6/8 GB of RAM and 64/128/256 GB of internal memory. For autonomy OnePlus 6 will be responsible for the battery at 3450 mAh. A slider for switching sound modes will get a new function.


Facebook CEO Cheryl Sandberg in an interview with NBC said that in social networks they are thinking about removing annoying ads . But not for everyone, but for those who are willing to pay for it. This is a known practice, which is often resorted to by cellular providers. In fact, it's like subscribing to a conditional Apple Music or Netflix, where the customer directly pays companies for content, and advertising is removed from the food chain. Another question is that Facebook is a tool, not a final product. And the big question is how much people will want to pay for what used to be free. However, nothing specific Cheryl did not say - they say, we are still in meditation.

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In Facebook, they promise in the near future to add a button Unsend in the messenger , which will remove their messages from the correspondence. While this opportunity is only the head of the company. Despite the fact that it was his messages that began to disappear from correspondence with journalists and other interlocutors. Chats, created even a few years ago, have become like monologues. Moreover, the notifications that came to the e-mail to confirm receipt of the message, of course, remained. Apparently, being afraid of the "popular revolt", Facebook promised to make the button Unsend accessible to everyone. She should appear in a few months.
Now something like Unsend is in secret messages in the encrypted version of the messenger. Here you can set the timer, and after the selected time, messages are automatically deleted.