Facebook took up the development of its own chips

By: Bohdan Chub | 19.04.2018, 12:28
Facebook took up the development of its own chips

Facebook is recruiting a team to create its own chips - this is indicated by the open vacancy of the manager, who will lead the whole process.

What is known?

A new person on Facebook will be responsible for developing systems on a chip (SoC) and specialized integrated circuits (ASIC), as well as drivers and software for them. While without details, but in the description of the vacancy, one of the requirements indicates experience in creating solutions related to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Why is Facebook?

Facebook supported the general trend among technology giants. Their developments allow improving the integration between hardware and software, and also reduce the company's dependence on Qualcomm and other suppliers. Finally, the production of its own microcircuits can be cheaper than the purchase of analogues.

Perhaps Facebook wants to create a chip for its artificial intelligence systems, which now operate on the basis of Nvidia platforms. Another option is the processors for the virtual reality helmets Oculus . Custom SoC can find application in "smart" columns . The same Amazon, according to rumors, is working on a chip with AI for Echo devices.

Who else?

Manufacturers of smartphones have long used processors of their own design. Huawei has Kirin, Samsung is releasing Exynos chips (and for cars too), and Apple is not going to be limited to mobile devices and is already considering over abandoning Intel solutions in Mac computers. Experiments Google began with the image processing module Pixel Visual Core , and Xiaomi last year introduced a smartphone on the company's chipset Surge S1.

Source: Bloomberg