The Pentagon has banned sales of Huawei and ZTE smartphones at US military bases around the world

By: Elena Shcherban | 03.05.2018, 17:51
The Pentagon has banned sales of Huawei and ZTE smartphones at US military bases around the world

The Pentagon has decided to ban sales of Chinese companies Huawei and   ZTE on   US military bases for   the whole world. This is about   outlets in   military installations or near military facilities in   The United States and   behind   abroad, which serve American soldiers and   sailors. The ban concerns smartphones, modems for mobile Internet and   other products for mobile communications.

Why banned

AT   Pentagon fear that Huawei and   ZTE can cooperate with   authorities of China, which, in   with   Using smartphones can track the movement of the military. AT   result in   Celestial can find out about   US military operations that use Chinese gadgets.

" Huawei and   ZTE may represent an inapplicable risk to personnel, data and   operations of the ministry. AT   In the light of this information, it is not advisable to continue   sale in   stores of the Ministry "   " Summed Pentagon spokesman Dave Eastburn.

Servicemen do not   It is forbidden to buy Huawei smartphones and   ZTE in   other stores, but   them   it is worth "to have in   kind of security risks. "

By the way, in   last year on   military bases sold 2,400 Huawei devices and   ZTE.

What else

AT   The administration of President Donald Trump wants to enact a bill that restricts the supply of   US telecommunications equipment from   China. AT   first of all, the draft law is aimed at   Huawei and   ZTE, which has long been in the   field of view of the US authorities .

Why Huawei and   ZTE

It is these companies that are suspected of   espionage for China, and   recently in   ZTE imposed sanctions for   violation of the trade embargo with   Iran and   North Korea. Recall that in   for 7 years the manufacturer does not   will be able to purchase American components for its products. AT   respect Huawei conducted a   same investigation .

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