ZTE will be able to buy processors for smartphones from MediaTek

Taiwan's MediaTek received permission from the authorities to cooperate with   ZTE, in spite of   US sanctions. Now Qualcomm's processors   smartphones of the Chinese manufacturer can replace with the chipsets MediaTek.

ZTE will be able to buy processors for smartphones from MediaTek

It seems that even without American components, ZTE can continue to issue smartphones without problems. True, former American partners will have to be replaced, but   Some foreign manufacturers have already announced   willingness to cooperate with   ZTE. One of   them   - Taiwanese developer of microcircuits MediaTek.

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After entering into   US sanctions, the Taiwanese government ordered local companies to trade with   ZTE only after agreement with   authorities. The company MediaTek and   made and   have already received a " green light " .

AT   The Taiwanese Bureau of Foreign Trade added that such   same requests filed and   other manufacturers. They say that the agency promised " not   to obstruct exports " .

So now in   smartphones of the Chinese company processors American Qualcomm can replace the chipsets MediaTek.

But   until it is unclear what in   ZTE will do with   OS   Android , which because of the sanctions, too, may be banned.

Recall, the US " punished " ZTE for   prohibited trade with   Iran and   North Korea. " The verdict "   - 7 years without accessories and   software of American production. So now Qualcomm is not   ZTE will be able to supply its mobile processors.

Source: Reuters