Facebook wants to launch its own crypto currency

From   plans went   case: a team has already been recruited from   more than 10 people, who will take   the direction of the blockade.

Facebook wants to launch its own crypto currency

It seems that Facebook is seriously engaged in the development of its own crypto currency. The company began to study this direction about a year ago, but   Just now I have created a team that will deal with this issue.

What are your plans

If earlier in   This direction was worked by only one Facebook employee, then   on   This week a team of   more than 10 people who   will study the technology of blockade. A   lead it   vice president of social networks responsible for   Messenger app, David Marcus.

Crypto currency is planned to be used for payments within the social network. At the same time, plans to conduct ICO   public sale of a limited number of tokens, like Telegram)   Facebook does not.

" Like   many other companies, Facebook investigates ways beneficial use of the opportunities provided by blokcheyna "technology,   - said representatives of the company.

But   It is worth noting that on   developing its own crypto currency   Facebook can take years. Perhaps, it will even be necessary to purchase companies that deal with blocking.

Recall that in   the Telegram messenger can also have its own crypto currency . On   creation of his own block-platform Pavel Durov has already collected $ 1.7   billion. After two rounds of the closed sale of the tokens, the team decided to dispense with the public ICO . Telegram developers also created a personal identification system that will be used in   the future of the blockbuster platform Telegram Open Network (TON).

Source: Cheddar