Office Work vs Work from Home - Which is Better?

By: Anry Sergeev | 01.02.2021, 11:24
Office Work vs Work from Home - Which is Better?

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Nowadays lots of people wonder what the best place to work is: at home or at the office. Of course, it’s up to your preferences and possibilities. But we’d like to highlight some crucial aspects that you have to bear in mind when choosing your working place. So let's compare these options.

Criterion #1. Income

Sure many workers find this criterion as of paramount importance, although this has to be not the only one you should consider. You can be employed both at home and at the office but apart from that, you can also be self-employed when working from home.

To compare where it is better to work in terms of income, you first need to know the pay system. If this is a wage payment, then there’s no difference by this criterion: in both cases you will be paid by the unit of time. If your payment depends on the result of labor, then different options are possible. It’s also worth considering the fact that office work is often limited in time and at home, you have the opportunity to work more if you wish. Even in the evening and at night in order to earn more.

Criterion #2. Comfort

The more comfortable the working place is, the higher your productivity will be. And in most cases working from home will beat office work by this criterion, since the home environment is more convenient for the majority of people than the office one. Of course, there may be some exceptions as if the renovation is currently being made, it could be hardly called a comfy place for productive work.

On the other hand, the office is supplied with all the necessary equipment to encourage your productivity. Plus, there might be extra facilities for extra comfort like playing room, gym, free cafeteria, meetups with leading experts, and others. In addition, there is ergonomic furniture provided at the offices to improve your posture during the working hours. Some of them include innovative pieces such as under-desk treadmills, standing desk converters, kneeling chairs, etc. While working from home requires investing in a solid desk and chair to foster your well-being.

Criterion #3. Distractions

When thinking about where it’s better to work, you need to compare where there might be more disturbing factors in each situation. Generally, the home office is grasped as a place where you can be easily distracted: social networks (which are often blocked at offices), messengers popping up on your smartphone, children, relatives, household chores, etc. That’s why the ability to self-organize is essential when working from home. Thus it’s highly recommended to create a schedule to follow so you can track your progress.

On the contrary, some kinds of distractions may also be present at the office such as intrusive co-workers with their personal issues or regular extra workload. In addition, the number of people working simultaneously in the same room plays a significant role as well as their ability to teamwork.

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Criterion #4. Lunch and Resting Time

Usually, there’s a specific time set for a break when working at the office. While at the home office, you’re able to allow any time that is convenient for you. In addition, you can eat faster at home, thereby leaving more time for work. You can also have a snack and relax a few times throughout the day if you’re used to such a diet. But don’t overdo it.

Criterion #5. Apparel

In fact, the office style of clothing may be quite uncomfortable for some workers. Especially in summer when you have to put up with your stuffy suit. Whereas at home you’re able to wear anything even your lovely pajamas. When choosing the place to work, pay special attention to this criterion.

Criterion #6. Time to Drive Back and Forth

if you consider working at the office, you have to bear in mind the time spent on getting to the place and back. And it might be rather time-consuming, especially for employees who live in large cities or who work in another city. On the way to work, you don’t make money and, in fact, waste this time. While you work from home, you don’t need to transfer. Moreover, the time spent on the trip can be used for extra work or personal needs, to communicate with loved ones.

Criterion #7. Self-Control

If one has problems with self-control and self-organization, then office work is a more suitable option because he will be supervised. But at home, the situation is a bit difficult. There’s a chance that your tasks won’t be accomplished so quickly and efficiently. Although, you can ask your friends or relatives to track your progress.

All of these aspects are worth considering when choosing the best place to work. Both of the options - office work and work from home - have its advantages and disadvantages. Thus do pros and cons before making a decision as it might affect your future career immensely. Anyway, work hard, dream big.