5 Family Activities You Should Try This Spring

By: Anry Sergeev | 07.04.2020, 16:58
5 Family Activities You Should Try This Spring
Image by Dominika Roseclay

Spring is a great time when your mood is getting better, the body wakes up and craves for brand-new activities. So what should you try doing on weekends this spring?

In winter we tend to go skiing and skating, in summer we have a barbecue, fall is great for indoor games and how about spring?

Here’s a list of family-friendly activities that you should take up these warm spring weekends.

1. Be more active

It’s said that parents should teach their children healthy lifestyle as soon as possible. Why don’t you try family outdoor activities this spring? There’s a huge bunch of options what to do together with your kids. If you have lots of free time for a family gathering, you should try nature exploration. This will teach all of you how to bond with nature, find out new discoveries about what surrounds you, and how to find peace. Moreover, you could prepare a real quest to find a treasure if you know the space around quite well not to get lost. What a family-bonding adventure!

Alternatively, if you prefer to stay close to the neighborhood, competitions would be a great option for your family. You know, there are lots of contesting ideas such as playing ball, cycling, hide-and-seek, water balloon fight, and many others. But if you’re tired of conventional games, why not try… family go-karting! That’s a fascinating idea to feel a real drive and improve your muscles and stamina. Coping with relatives, you become more confident and enhance your relationships.

Instead of searching for karting tracks, you can even purchase a go-kart to enjoy the ride whenever you want. One of the most popular electric vehicles is a Segway Ninebot Go-Kart that features three riding modes for users of different ages and a weight load up to 220lbs. It’s known for its game-changing design and a high speed up to 15mph. No doubt, such racings won’t get you bored for long!

2. Short trip

What a pleasure to roam the streets on a sunny day, isn't it? You can just walk around the city but why not come up with a little adventure? To start, think up a route. The destination spot should be nearby so you could have enough time for one weekend. For instance, it may be a neighbor city or a state where you and your kids have never been before.

Do research in advance - find out what interesting places you would like to visit. If you’re into architecture, you should probably take photos of the historical buildings and find some interesting museums in it. Every city has its own cuisine delicacy - it’s high time to taste something new. And it could end up with getting into your recipe book! To get extra info, search for city forums on the Internet, ask locals where to go and what to do. You can visit even two towns if they are close to each other.

3. Let’s play sports!

Since we’ve woken up after a long period of dormancy, it’s necessary to warm up a little bit so that the energy is increased and the body is getting ready for the summer. If you go to the fitness club, you can spend the spring weekend in the gym or pool. But you should definitely try training outdoors so you can get your kids involved too!

Just put on running shoes and sportswear, plug in your earbuds, and go to the nearest park to go jogging. If you feel tired of running - do some light exercises or you can take a ball or frisbee to make it even more fun. If your family is not a fan of running, you can just ride bicycles or scooters. You can play games while riding like cycling race or football on the wheels.

It’s very useful to work our with kids and set a good example of a healthy lifestyle. Don’t forget to bring some snacks and drinks. As after exercising in the fresh air, you might be starving!

4. It’s time for rearrangement

Spring is a perfect time for updating not only the body but also space around. The bright sun illuminates every speck of dust so that the housewives rush for rags to keep the apartment in order. So you can team up and share spring cleaning with the whole family. It doesn't have to be boring at all. Throw out the trash, flip the wardrobe from head to foot - maybe it's time to remove your old stuff and save space for a new one?

To tune in to new vibrant living, you can rearrange a part of the furniture. Space will become unusual immediately that might encourage your creativity. Looking at many problems from a different angle could easily tackle them so what seemed unresolved before is already out of the “to-do list”. And you can also give your grandparents a hand and renew their living space. No doubt, they will be grateful for the precious time you’ve spent with them.


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Image by Markus Spiske

5. Photography tour

The weather is getting better so you want to spend more time outdoors. And instead of just wandering around the neighborhood you can be busy and entertained with something useful. Take the means of photography - cameras, smartphones, tablets - and dive into a photo tour. Find unexpected footage of familiar streets and buildings. You can turn it even into a family fun game giving everyone a task. For example, make up a photo story together on the topic of “wild nature” or “blooming spring”.

You can make a real photoshoot for each other. Choose the best scenery, pay attention to the texture of the walls, the color of the doors, find cool graffiti or funny inscriptions. You will be looking at such photographs with great pleasure over and over, remembering how you ran around the town to search for unexpected spots for shooting. The most exciting photos could be printed and decorated at home.

Bottom Line

Spring is a great season to get your family together and take up new bonding activities. As the weather is getting better, you could choose whether to spend leisure time out or stay at home. Anyway, there are dozens of options you should try to stay awake, power up, and encourage the whole family to try a new pastime.