6 High Tech Gadgets for Horses and Equestrians

By: Anry Sergeev | 25.09.2020, 15:11
6 High Tech Gadgets for Horses and Equestrians

Image by Philippe Oursel on Unsplash

The vast majority of horse owners are not aware of extremely useful gadgets and apps. Well, they should, as these extras can make your experience with horses more delightful. In fact, there’s a gazillion of mobile apps developed for equestrians. In this article, we’d like to share six of the most convenient essentials available on the market.

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Dogma Carbon Light Shine

The very first thing you should invest in when riding a horse is a headgear. Don’t forget to wear a riding helmet in order to protect your skull from severe injuries. And the Dogma Carbon is definitely one of the best horseback riding helmets available on the market today. It’s expensive but it will do its job to provide the rider with solid safety and comfort.

The Dogma Carbon helmet is a 5-star protective gear due to its outstanding protective features and jaw-dropping design. The carbon shell makes the product extremely durable and sturdy while being light to wear. Besides, the genuine leather chinstrap is soft and it doesn’t irritate the skin.

The inner lining is made with Merino Wool, which is super comfy and breathable. The shock-absorbing function is a great perk, as you’re able to use the helmet in all weather conditions. Additionally, the shell comes with an enhanced ventilation system to provide great cooling airflow while riding.

Thus, the Dogma Carbon is the paramount gear you will be obsessed with. What a great combo of quality materials and classy look! The price tag of the helmet is €1299 but it’s worth it.

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Image by tail-lights.com

LED Horse Tail Lights

A company named Tail Lights offers a tremendous upgrade to your horse’s tack gear - LED tail lights! In fact, such a gear provides extra safety for those who deal with riding on the roads and crowded places. The light cover may prevent the horse from getting crashed into heavy vehicles. Thus, such a gadget may come in handy during evening strollings or dim light conditions.

The gear is easy to use, just put the lights on the breast collar at the front or cover the tail at the back. The product comes with remote control, so the rider can switch on and off the lights at any time with no probs. The control comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 30 hours, which is decent. Apart from that, the product is water-resistant up to 3 meters deep.

Having said that, the LED lights bring a fancy look to the entire horse’s apparel. The lights are available in a wide array of colors, so they can perfectly fit your matching riding equipment.

The lights cost $199.00 and come with a tail wrap, remote control, and charger.

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Image by backpackgroomer.co.uk

Backpack Groomer

Yes, you’ve read it right, it’s a horse groomer designed as a backpack! It goes without saying that horses need constant trimming and grooming, so this gear may stand you in good stead. It’s a great tool to get rid of loose hair and dirt from the coat. That’s a brilliant product for allergic people as they won’t inhale the hair. The vacuum will eat up the dust and dirt right away.

Apart from that, the backpack groomer comes with a variety of brushes and combs for your horse. So you’re able to clean and brush your companion at one time, what a win-win. The brushes are designed with various stiffness to be used on different body parts.

In addition, the groomer has a trendy purple heart design that is out of this world. Such a wonderful kit will keep you and your companion in the spotlight for long. The price of a brush ranges from £17.00 to £49.00.

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Pivo Riders

Want to film your horse riding? Get a Pivo app! Why you need specific software to create videos? Because this application is made for horse riders providing a bunch of superb features.

A Pivo pod is a fully-rotated tool that is used to take hands-free photos and videos. You can manage the shooting process with remote control. So you don’t need to dismount a horse every time to check a pic.

Furthermore, there’s an option of a video call, so you can brag about your adventures without interrupting your riding. Another feature you’ll love is auto-tracking. This means the camera will follow you even though you’re constantly moving around. So you don’t miss any performing made at any time.

Want to capture the view around you? No probs, the Pivo gadget will take spellbinding panoramas with your hands free.

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Image by license.umn.edu

Hay Price Calculator

Hay Price Calc is an app that calculates the amount and price of hay you need for your horse. It is developed by the University of Minnesota in order to compare hay bale types and pick the most reasonable one.

The calculation of a purchase is made per ton. The app sends a notification to its customers when it’s time to buy hay. Additionally, it calculates the overall amount and shows the total price.

The app price is $ 0.99; it’s available only for iOS users. As for Android, its users should wait when it’s developed to be able to use it.

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Image by apps.apple.com

Horse Keeper App

Horse Keeper is a fascinating application developed by Dance the Tide Development company.

This is a truly ideal app for horse owners as it allows you to save all the details of the animal's health. Moreover, the contacts of veterinarians and suppliers of various products are provided there too. The service reminds you when it's time to go to the vet or the blacksmith for a checkup.

In addition, the application can be used by several users simultaneously. Hence, all family members involved in taking care of the horse could save the necessary information on the app.

The only drawback is that the app is not free, it costs $4.99 for iOS users. No Android version has been available so far.


As you can see, you may find plenty of knickknacks that may ease your life as a horse owner or equestrian rider. Modern gadgets and software are designed in order to bring more safety and entertainment in our lives. So why not check them out and pick a gear suitable for our needs and willing. Hope you’ve found some helpful products to try them on.