YouTube introduces video segments in search results, auto-translate content and more

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 18.08.2021, 12:40
YouTube introduces video segments in search results, auto-translate content and more

Video service YouTube has announced some innovations that will make it easier to find and discover new content on the platform. The changes include integration of individual video chapters (segments) into search results, expansion of video preview for mobile devices, automatic translation of titles, and much more.

Navigate to a specific segment

The first and most notable change is that YouTube will now embed individual segments into search results. When you search for something, YouTube will start showing timestamped images below the supported videos, allowing users to quickly browse through the content and determine if the video covers the specific topic or moment they are searching for.

Users can also click on timestamps to go directly to a specific segment without having to view the entire video. The chapters will appear in a drop-down drop-down menu below the supported videos.

Preview on mobile devices 

Another new change to YouTube is that video search results on mobile devices will now show a small preview of content. According to YouTube, they are "extending this feature to mobile devices to help you easily view different videos and decide if this is what you're looking for."

Auto-translate content

YouTube will start showing content in other languages in search results with automatically translated titles, titles and descriptions if there aren't enough relevant results in your native language. Initially, only English-language videos will be added to search results, but YouTube says it will soon add support for other languages.

Integration with Google Search

Finally, YouTube is experimenting with a new feature that supplements video search results with links to sites and other output formats from Google Search. The experiment currently only works in India and Indonesia, but YouTube says it will consider expanding it to other regions based on user feedback.

Source: youtube