Windows 11 has unexpectedly lost some useful features

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 02.09.2021, 08:15
Windows 11 has unexpectedly lost some useful features

Microsoft has released another beta version of Windows 11 operating system. Users have discovered that the new revision has lost several useful features.

What's gone?

Microsoft has decided that users can easily do without seconds in the clock as well. Clicking on the date in the right corner of the taskbar opens a window with the calendar and time. In the new revision of Windows 11, the developers have left the hours and minutes, but the seconds are no longer displayed. They've been carved out in the registry.

The context menu has been removed from the taskbar, along with the ability to launch programs by dragging and dropping files to icons. In addition, Windows 11 users can't view and adjust events in the calendar. Insiders thought this was a bug in the test build of the operating system. But Microsoft representatives said that this is the way it should be.

Recall that the final release of Windows 11 will take place on October 5. The company will start releasing software updates "over the air" to new compatible computers. Owners of old PCs will be able to download the image on the Microsoft website and install the operating system manually.