Buyers disappointed with iPhone 13 smartphones

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 07.10.2021, 12:39
Buyers disappointed with iPhone 13 smartphones

Apple in mid-September introduced smartphones iPhone 13 with mini version and iPhone 13 Pro with Pro Max variant. Not all users were impressed by the novelties.

What's known

Service SellCell surveyed 5,000 iPhone users of different generations in the U.S. Nearly two-thirds of respondents (64.1%) found the iPhone 13 family "not very interesting. Prior to the presentation of smartphones, 43.7% of respondents planned to buy one of the new products. After the announcement the number of willing buyers almost halved (down to 23.2%).

Potential buyers named several key reasons why they do not want to buy iPhone 13. You can see all the factors in the illustration below. Note that the top 3 include the absence of Touch ID (29.3%), a small number of important innovations (19.5%) and the good performance of the current iPhone (12.1%).

One third of users are planning to skip not only the current generation but also the next. The same number of respondents do not intend to change their smartphone within two years. 16.1% of Americans surveyed are looking closely at models based on the Android operating system. Google is leading in preferences. Almost half (45.1%) of respondents are interested in buying one of the Pixel models. Also in the top were Samsung, OnePlus and Motorola.

45.2% of 1,164 respondents would like to upgrade to iPhone 13 Pro. The Pro Max version interested 26.3% of users, while the standard iPhone 13 was 22%. The mini variant again grazes the rear at 9.2%.

The main reasons why respondents are willing to purchase a new generation smartphone are extended battery life (25.3%) and 120 Hz support for the Pro version (34.1%).

Source: SellCell