FIFA 22 off to the best start in franchise history

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 07.10.2021, 18:20
FIFA 22 off to the best start in franchise history

Every year Apple is scolded for high prices and little innovation in new smartphones, but then iPhones come out and put everything in its place. The situation with FIFA is identical and the new version only confirms it.

User ratings and critics on thematic resources can at least go into the negative, but the football simulator's audience will not diminish. Thus, FIFA 22 has got the best start in the history of the franchise. It was announced by the Electronic Arts studio.

The simulator was released on October 1 this year. During the week 9,1 million gamers have played FIFA 22. Also since the release 7.6 million Ultimate Teams have been created and 460 million matches have been played.

At the same time the publisher hints at a possible name change of the football simulator in the future, but no details yet. EA and FIFA are currently reviewing the rights to use the FIFA name.

Source: EA