A quantum computer will search for extraterrestrial life

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 11.10.2021, 15:09
A quantum computer will search for extraterrestrial life

Zapata Computing, together with Hull University, has launched a project that aims to find life in space using quantum computing. One of these quantum systems will be developing astrophysical models and creating a database of promising exoplanets by the end of this year.

The scientists said they intend to begin this project by using the scientific work of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who in 2016 built a database of more than 14,000 molecules whose presence in the atmosphere of exoplanets could indicate the presence of life.

Zapata Computing and scientists from Hull University intend to develop the new database using new mathematical models of molecular rotations and vibrations. The scientists will use the capabilities of advanced quantum computers with high accuracy calculations to estimate the behavior of molecules when exposed to powerful infrared radiation generated by stars.

Source: zdnet

Illustrations: Alan Dyer / VW PICS / Universal Images Group via Getty Images