It's not just electric cars that need gas: Tesla unveiled Gigabier beer

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 11.10.2021, 17:07
It's not just electric cars that need gas: Tesla unveiled Gigabier beer

Tesla has announced a new "Gigabier" (German for "Gigapivo") beer with a Cybertruck-style bottle, which it plans to sell from its plant in Germany. Ilon Musk has had plenty of weird and even ridiculous ideas, from farting cars inside Tesla cars to flamethrowers that suddenly become a reality.

Once Musk wrote a bizarre tweet about allegedly being found "passed out in front of a Tesla Model 3 surrounded by bottles of Teslaquila, traces of dried tears still visible on his cheeks." He later confirmed that Tesla is indeed planning to release its own tequila, and after its release last year, the entire batch sold out in a matter of hours.

Now, while introducing the Gigafactory Berlin project, Musk said that Tesla will have its own beer (a bit stereotypical for Germany, don't you think?). During last weekend's GigaFest event, Musk gave a presentation about Gigafactory Berlin and confirmed that Tesla will produce "Gigapivo."

The "beer" moment of the presentation can be seen at minute 13.

According to Musk, producing his own beer will make life 10,000 of Gigafactory Berlin's employees "easier and more fun." He also revealed that Tesla is building a train station at the plant to help employees get to work, and that the walls of the plant will be decorated with street art.

From an art perspective, Tesla also approached the shape of the bottle, clearly inspired by the outline of the Cybertruck truck. Unfortunately, the CEO of the company didn't share the details about the beer and its possible brands.

Source: electrek

Illustration: Tesla