10 best monopods for selfies from Aliexpress

By: Expert | 01.11.2021, 13:16
10 best monopods for selfies from Aliexpress

The author of these lines knows one girl who, if you believe her, has never taken a single selfie in her life. Hardly anyone else can boast of such a unique familiarity. So our selection of the most interesting monopods to take the best selfies will come in handy for everyone. So, let's choose a selfie stick without denying ourselves anything, including saving money. All of these gadgets are suitable for both iPhone and any Android smartphone. And they differ (apart from the price) in Bluetooth connectivity (or lack thereof). After reading this text, you will probably be able to answer the question of how to choose your dream selfie stick!

Best Selling

This is the most popular monopod with Bluetooth on Aliexpress. Over 10000 orders, compatibility with Android and iOS systems, a convenient button on the handle, low price and free shipping - have you not convinced yet? It weighs 150g and is no longer than 19cm when folded. At the same time that in the unfolded - 75. It is made of stainless steel and offers 4 colors to choose from.

monopod for bluetooth selfies

Cost: $4.5 - 6. Want to buy!

Xiaomi branded monopod for the lowest price

The design of the stick is as traditional as a wedding loaf - an aluminum telescopic tube with a tripod to secure your phone on a hard surface. When folded like its predecessor, it takes up 19cm of space and unfolds to 85cm in length. The Bluetooth range is 10m, giving a wide range of shooting possibilities.

selfies tripod

Cost: $16. Want to buy!

Honor AF15 branded monopod

If you're idiosyncratic about Xiaomi, let's switch brands. Although, this stick will fit not only Honor smartphones, but any model with a width of 56 - 85 mm. Selfie monopod has a classic design, and in the version of the tripod is also equipped with anti-slip feet. When folded, the stick is 18.6 cm long and 66 cm long when unfolded. It weighs 163g and runs on a CR2025 battery. Item.

monopods for selfies

Cost: $16. Want to buy!

Wired Xiaomi Selfie stick

Works via a 3.5mm headphone jack and requires no power. The shutter button is located on the handle. When folded, it measures 18 cm in length and unfolds to 70 cm. The price of this aluminum monopod for your smartphone is less than the Bluetooth versions and it won't compromise the quality of your photos in any way. So is it worth paying more?

choosing a selfie stick

Cost: $10. Want to buy!

A simple wired monopod for selfies

No one is talking about the uniqueness of this model, but it still has its own highlight - a color cap - your choice of gold, green, purple, blue or black. Otherwise, everything is standard: 19 cm in the folded version and a little over 80 in the unfolded one. The button, as usual, is on the handle, while the handle is made of foam, so it doesn't slip in your hand. And it only takes a little money out of your pocket.

selfie stick

Cost: $4. Want to buy!

The original wired monopod Huawei AF11

In our list this is the lightest selfie pole weighing only 128 g. True, the maximum length is not great - 66 cm. But the smartphone holder rotates 270 degrees. Available in 3 colors.

selfie stick

Price: $10. I want to buy!

Mini Monopod

The smallest, lightest, most budget-friendly. True, and the most unknown manufacturer. Check out the parameters: 61 g, 14 and 59 cm respectively in folded and unfolded state. Connects, like all wired sticks, to the headphone jack. In general, if you are not completely convinced that you need such a toy, buy this monopod as a test.

selfie stick photo

Cost: $2. Want to buy!

Original Huawei Bluetooth monopod with backlighting

In addition to all the plushies that branded wireless selfie sticks come with, this one also has LED backlighting - perfect for capturing yourself in limited lighting conditions. So if your girlfriend loves taking club selfies, be sure to get her one of these. Weighing 120g, its maximum length is 61cm.

how to choose a monopod

Cost: $25.5. Want to buy!

Wired monopod with LED lights

If the idea of a selfie stick with lights appeals to you, but you do not want to overpay too much, give up Bluetooth - and the price immediately reduced by almost half. This model also features a mirror on the back of the smartphone holder to take selfies with the better main camera. 6 color options, the maximum unfolded length is 79 cm.

buy selfie stick

Cost: $14. Want to buy!

An economical variant of the Bluetooth monopod

. If you want to save money and not refuse from Bluetooth, pay attention to this model of the noonemium-brand. It unfolds to 75 cm, weight and size in the folded state are standard, but you can choose from 4 color options.

monopod for phone

Cost: $4.5. Want to buy!


Bluetooth remote for monopod

And here is another solution to the problem of how to buy a selfie stick with bluetooth and eat fish without overpaying. For ridiculous money you can upgrade any wired monopod, and enjoy all the benefits of wireless camera and shutter button communication.

Cost: $2. Want to buy!

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