10 cool mics from AliExpress for streaming

By: Expert | 01.11.2021, 13:37
10 cool mics from AliExpress for streaming

The first thing you need for streaming is a powerful computer or laptop. It should simultaneously allow you to play, record and stream the clip on the network. Usually everyone focuses on a good camera, forgetting about the second important component - high-quality sound. That's why a microphone is an important component which the success of a streaming video depends on. Many streaming headphones come with an inbuilt microphone, but for high sound quality it's better to get a separate microphone, preferably a good one. It has better noise reduction and power. To save you from time-consuming searching, we offer a selection of microphones and accessories from AliExpress, for which you neither have to blush, nor to overpay.

Microphone with optional accessories

Adjustable frequency response from 30 Hz to 20 kHz provides a clear sound. Many users remark on the professional noise suppression. One USB cable connects the microphone. The sound comes through it too. There is an option to adjust the volume and reverb with a button.

all for streaming

Cost from $31. Want to buy!

Inexpensive optimum

In the picture the microphone looks very presentable - you could set it on the president's desk! Technical characteristics are also not bad. Don't let the low price bother you - according to the users reviews the microphone meets the claimed criteria. Please buy it and check for sure.

Streaming microphone

Price: from $15. I want to buy!

Microphone Pop Filter

This gadget does an excellent job of filtering sound from air currents when pronouncing hissing, whistling, as well as explosive (b, p, t, d, k, etc.) consonants. The pop filter also protects the sound from drooling of the expressive streamer. This accessory is designed for studio recordings, so it will definitely be a great helper when broadcasting a game. Looks aesthetically pleasing and allows you to prolong the life of the microphone. All in all, a must-have if you're recording on a microphone close to your mouth.

pop filter for the microphone

Cost: from $6.5. Want to buy!

Folding Microphone Shield

The folding shield microphone has a high degree of protection against external sound interference. The shield is made of dense sound-absorbing foam and has a durable aluminum design. The system allows self-adjusting angle, so you can easily find a comfortable position. The slamming of the shield absorbs echoes and makes the recording clear and high quality. With this shield, you can get rid of extraneous noise and echo that occurs when recording in an unprepared room.

streaming sound

Cost: $36. I want to buy!

Best Budget Loop Mic

Best Loop Mic is a great find for a minimal price. Suitable for use on smartphones and camcorders due to the fact that it features a 3.5mm four-pole gold-plated connector. It has a 6-meter embedded cable, allowing you to be away from your subject. The microphone's battery is housed in a separate, disconnectable unit. The microphone can be easily attached to clothing or interior elements with a sturdy clip.

lavaliere microphone for streaming

Cost: $21 - 52. Want to Buy!

Double Loop Mic

The double loop mic also connects easily to smartphones, cameras, PCs. The long microphone cable makes it convenient for presentations, interviews, podcasts - anything where there is a need to record two sound sources at the same time. Convenient clips allow you to place the microphones anywhere. This frees up your hands and you can keep gesturing or playing.

dual microphone for streaming

Cost: $20 - 30. Want to Buy!

Tripod Microphone

This microphone, thanks to the tripod, can be placed anywhere you like, such as close to your mouth and away from your keyboard. The tripod mounts to your desk and promises to be sturdy. An adaptor or sound card is required for laptops and mobile phones.

Cost: $16 - $69. Want to Buy!

Collapsible Microphone

Portable usb microphone with the ability to directly monitor voice during recording as well as adding reverb. The ability to adjust the position of the microphone allows for comfortable operation.

microphone for streaming games

Cost: $31 - $35. Want to Buy!

Microphone kit

Pop filter, audio interface and stand - for those who already have a condenser microphone. The handy metal holder and blast pickup make this device a top seller. Minimalistic black design obviously played its role here as well.

microphone accessories

Cost: $17 - 53. I want to buy!

Just a good microphone

Dual condenser microphone from a good Chinese manufacturer - with a smartphone mount. Suitable for both iPhones and android phones. Has a high quality sound recording that can not compare with the usual built-in voice recorder.

good microphone for streaming

Cost: $26 - 32. Want to buy!

Streaming equipment does not always cost a huge amount of money, which is what we wanted to show you with this selection. And we won't upset you if you read others:

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