Xiaomi made over $1 billion on the first day of the 11.11 sale

By: Maksim Panasovskyi | 02.11.2021, 09:57
Xiaomi made over $1 billion on the first day of the 11.11 sale

Xiaomi for the start of the sale 11.11 brought to market smartphones family Redmi Note 11. It managed to sell half a million models in 2 hours. Other devices of the manufacturer also tried to keep up.

What's known

Xiaomi smartphones sold well on various Chinese marketplaces, including AliExpress and JD, and the bendable Mi MIX Fold model was a hit in the segment from $625. In addition to smart phones, smart watches and 4K UHD TVs were popular.

For example, the manufacturer sold about 16,000 Redmi Smart TV X 2022 panels in just half an hour, and the revenue was about $9 million. The Redmi Watch 2 smart watch brought about $1.55 million to the treasury in two hours.

Liu Weibing, one of the vice presidents of Xiaomi, summed up the first day of the 11.11 sale. He said that the total revenue exceeded the $1 billion (¥7 billion) mark during the day. This year the company plans to break all possible records, and the total amount of discounts will be $310 million.

What's interesting is that Xiaomi got about a third of the revenue ($310 million / ¥2 billion) in the first 105 seconds of the sale launch, and in the first hour the revenue was $610 million (¥4 billion).

Source: Gizmochina