DDR5 manufacturers fall victim to global component production crisis

By: Yuriy Stanislavskiy | 22.11.2021, 15:31
DDR5 manufacturers fall victim to global component production crisis

There is a complete shortage of DDR5 RAM on the market today. The main reason for this shortage is that dedicated power management ICs (PMICs) are required to manufacture DDR5 RAM. It is these chips that are in short supply today. The information was published by 12chip, which specializes in the supply of various electronic components.

According to this information, today the price of PMICs for DDR5 RAM is ten times higher than for the same microcircuits, but for DDR4 memory. The supply of suitable components for DDR5 production is delayed by at least 35 weeks. Another reason for this latency is that the DDR5 circuitry is more complex and the corresponding PMICs are also more complex. Compared to the previous generation, the power scheme has been partially transferred from the motherboard to DDR5 RAM, and the PMIC chip optimizes the required voltage and power.

MSI said that prices for DDR5 are already 50-60% higher than DDR4 due to additional components and new technologies. But with PMIC shortages, the final price could reach an all-time high. This will make upgrading to DDR5 very problematic.

A source: 12chip

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