A mod with Nemesis from Middle-earth analogue came out for Skyrim

By: Vadim Osiyuk | 10.08.2022, 08:52
A mod with Nemesis from Middle-earth analogue came out for Skyrim

Skyrim's longevity is ensured not only by endless re-releases, but also by the painstaking work of mod developers. Why not spend a few dozen more hours on the expanses of Skyrim to avenge the robber who stripped Dovahkiin naked? That's the kind of opportunity that gives players a mod in the spirit of the Nemesis system, which finally saw the world.

The title Shadow of Skyrim gently and unobtrusively hints at the source of inspiration of the author under the nickname Syclonix - the Middle-earth: Shadow. The enemy, who defeated the player in the RPG, will get a unique name and abilities, so that later he could take revenge with pleasure. And the reason will be: the character will receive a debuff after death, which will be removed only after successful retaliation.

In addition, the modification changes the mechanics of death. After defeat, Dovahkiin will appear in a random location, which may depend on who killed him. If it was a guard in the city jail, the vampire in his lair.

To run the mod you'll need Skyrim Special Edition and a couple of other fan improvements. It's compatible with other mods and you don't have to start a new game to make it work.

Separately, the author reassured those who are worried about a possible violation of Warner Bros. patent for the Nemesis system. According to him, he did not use the dialogues, enemy hierarchy and enemy forts specified in the document. Therefore, the mod maker does not care about possible prosecution by the copyright holder.