Throne for Gaming: Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL Review

By: Alex Chub | 13.09.2022, 12:05
Throne for Gaming: Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL Review

Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL is an excellent chair with a very clever and comfortable design, adjustable lumbar support and neck cushion. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, the question of a comfortable chair and the correct position of the back becomes especially important. The chair has a strong steel frame and a metal crossbar with additional reinforcing ribs that allow it to withstand up to 180 kg of load. Inside - quality foam padding, perfectly takes the desired shape. Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL looks very stylish and expensive. It has different upholstery options and 9 colors, so you have plenty to choose from. Such additional features as easy and convenient magnetic fixing of the armrest cushion and side caps are worth noting. High-quality and really durable chairs do not come cheap, and the Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL is not an exception. Although it really is an investment for many years.

Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL
A gaming chair with a maximum load of up to 180 kg and a height of up to 210 cm. It has a molded foam filler with a memory effect and a density of 65 kg/m³. Available in nine colors with leatherette, genuine leather and linen upholstery. Equipped with a magnetic system for attaching armrests, pillows and side caps.
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5 Reasons to Buy Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL:

  • The combination of a strong metal frame and a comfortable design
  • Comfortable magnetic fastening system and high-quality, durable foam filling
  • You are tired of your office chair and are looking for something with serious lumbar and neck support
  • You spend more than 8 hours a day in your chair
  • The ability to turn it into a separate workstation with an optional desk top

1 Reason Not to Buy Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL:

  • If you already have a gaming chair

What is Anda Seat?

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Anda Seat was formed back in 2007. Although in the beginning, the company was mainly engaged in the production of seats for sports cars, as well as seats for sports venues, including auto racing, soccer, volleyball, etc. Subsequently, the company began using these designs to produce computer seats as well. In 2013 Anda Seat paid attention to the active development and popularization of cybersports and began to produce gaming seats, which is now the main focus of the company.

Originally, Anda Seat was an OEM for various third-party brands. In 2014, the company founded its own brand, Anda Seat, under which it began producing its own models. The first one came out in 2016. Since 2017, the company was a sponsor in various sports and cybersports competitions, many cybersports teams, including Na'Vi, Fnatic, LGD, AHQ Esports, Victorious Gaming, Victory Five. The first top-tier Anda Seat Dark Knight was released in 2018. In 2020, the Anda Seat T-Pro was released with a more neutral design and linen fabric upholstery for the office or home.

At the moment, Anda Seat deals exclusively with its own brand, has its own R&D division, as well as a completely closed production cycle. This means that absolutely all parts and parts of the chair, including bolts, are manufactured by the company itself. Anda Seat's chairs are positioned as a premium segment, although there are also mid-priced models like the Phantom 3. But today we're going to talk about the Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL model.


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The Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL is a large and heavy chair that comes in an appropriately sized box and weighs 34 pounds. Of course, the chair is in the box unassembled. There are detailed and clear instructions, only one type of screws are used, and there is an appropriate hexagon in the kit. So it is very difficult to make a mistake and there is no need to take any additional tools. But usually such chairs are not very convenient to assemble themselves. First of all it concerns the fixing of the backrest to the seat when you need to hold the backrest in the right position and tighten the screws at the same time.

The description of the Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL says that the chair is easy to assemble by one personThis turned out to be true. The above described problematic point was solved with the help of the appropriate guides on one side, into which the backrest "slides" in the right position. All you have to do is just to tighten the two screws on each side and close the plugs, which are fastened simply with magnets.

The whole other process is quite standard for similar chairs. It takes about 30 minutes to assemble it on your own without any problem.

Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL Design

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The Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL looks expensive and high quality. Most gamer chairs look quite aggressive due to the variety of patterns and very bright color combinations. Kaiser 3 XL, however, is very stylish and you can say restrained. Only suitable shape with side support, holes in the upper part of the back and other similar elements gives out gamer's nature.

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The chair came to us in "classic" black with orange accents. The chair is upholstered almost entirely in DuraXtra artificial padded leather, which is highly wear-resistant, not afraid of scratches and stains. The same kind is used in the automotive industry.

As additional elements on the sides of the seat and along the backrest there are inserts with carbon fiber texture.

But in general, the Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL is available with two basic upholstery options: artificial leather DuraXtra and linen fabric EverSoft. The latter may be more appropriate in summer. Additional options will be available in Nappa leather. In total 9 colors are available, so you can safely choose something brighter or something that more suits the interior.

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There are Anda Seat logos on the inside of the backrest.

On the back of the backrest there is one more logo and model name.

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Overall, the Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL looks expensive and rather understated, so it will look good not only at home at the gaming computer, but also in the office.

Design Features and Construction Reliability

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The Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL has a TitanSteelAD+ frame made of a steel tube with a diameter of 22 mm and a thickness 2 mm. During production the tube is bent along the entire length of the structure and has no welding seams. This adds strength to the entire structure. Inside - molded foam with the effect of memory Re-Dense and 65 kg/m³ density. It is poured in liquid form into the mold of the necessary design. The foam is durable, does not fail over time, takes the desired shape when used.

The crossbar is metal with additional stiffeners for increased reliability and durability. Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL uses a class 4 gas lift. It is the most durable and can withstand loads up to 200 kg. In general, the Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL chair can withstand up to 180 kg of load and is suitable for people up to 210 cm tall.

The multifunctional mechanism allows you to fix the chair at the desired angle or swing it with an angle of up to 15°.

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The wheels have a slightly larger diameter - 65 mm, compared to standard chairs, and are coated with polyurethane. They move very quietly and do not damage the flooring on which the chair sits.

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The armrests are also fully metal, including the buttons for adjusting them.

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The neck cushion turned out to be very interesting. The exterior is something similar to velour. Inside there is also molded memory foam, but less dense: it's a little softer. It has a special insert of cooling gel, which will keep your neck not so hot in summer. On the opposite side there is a magnetic fastener.

How to Adjust?

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Structurally, Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL has a lot of interesting solutions, so let's start with them. In addition to the side plugs and cushion, the armrests have magnetic fixing, which allows you to replace them with another color if you want. 

Armrests have a 4D design. You can adjust the height, angle, move them forward, backward, left and right.

Another interesting bonus of the magnetic mounting of armrests is that you can install a tabletop instead. You can actually turn the chair into a full-fledged workstation.

Unlike most armchairs with removable cushion, the Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL has lumbar support inside the backrest. There are swivel adjusters on both sides.

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They allow you to adjust the height and level of flexion of the lumbar support.

The neck cushion can be positioned from the top of the chair to the place between the side openings. The magnetic attachment holds up pretty well, though certainly not as securely as the traditional version.

The backrest angle is adjustable from 90° to 165°.

The range of height adjustment is about 7 cm, the seat height is 44 to 51 cm:

Is Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL Chair Comfortable?

The Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL chair is one of the most comfortable chairs (and possibly the most comfortable) I've ever had a chance to use. The shape of the seat, back and side support is very thoughtful. Thanks to the neck cushion and adjustable lumbar support, the correct position of the spine can be achieved. This minimizes the pressure on it and allows you to work or play for a long time without discomfort. But your own physical condition should be taken into consideration. Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL is better suited for 180 to 210 cm height. Let's say, for 175 cm and below tall people there will already be some nuances. For example, it will not be possible to comfortably place the cushion. For such cases better choose size L.

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The foam filling is of very high quality. It immediately takes the desired shape, it is soft enough, but you won't sink in the chair. And after use the foam immediately returns to its original state. Even in spite of the summer heat, the artificial leather of the model does not make you sweat, and you can sit comfortably on the chair for hours. Although if you are absolutely sure that the whole year you will have very high temperature in the room, you can choose the version with linen cloth.

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In general, the impression from using Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL is extremely positive: very comfortable, fully adjustable and easy to use.

Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL
  • Sturdy metal frame and comfortable design
  • Convenient magnetic attachment system
  • High quality, durable foam
  • Maximum load up to 180 kg and height up to 210 cm
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3 Things to Know about Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL

  • The Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL is a reliable and durable gamer's chair
  • It has a very comfortable shape and maximum number of possible adjustments for your needs
  • Available with different upholstery options in 9 colors
Anda Seat Kaiser 3 XL
Upholstery material synthetic leather DuraXtra, linen fabric EverSoft, natural leather Nappa
Filling Filling material memory foam Re-Dense, 65 kg/m³
Recommended height up to 210 cm
Maximum weight 180 kg
Maximum angle of recline 165°
Rocking mechanism 15°
Gaslift 4 class
The frame 22 mm diameter steel tube and 2 mm thickness
Wheel diameter 65 mm
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